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Freediving discovery Apnea with ATUS/CMAS free diving 5* Dive Accademy Thailand Diving Pattaya

CMAS Freediving Training SCHOOL, padi and adip FOR ALL FREEDIVERS, Freediving discovery apnea with ATUS/CMAS

Pattaya offers an ideal environment for experienced divers to become a 1-star diving instructor in ideal conditions.

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Freediving discovery ATUS/CMAS freediving certificate apnea with ATUS/CMAS free diving 5* Dive Accademy Thailand Diving Pattaya

Freediving discovery ATUS/CMAS– Pool, 3*Free diving discovery apnea

The Free Diver in open water


  • The Pass’Plongeur Libre offers the opportunity to discover CMAS freediving activities and is aimed at beginners.
  • It offers the possibility of discovering the sensations of freediving and the pleasure of freediving in the natural environment, in a fun way, before possibly embarking on a CMAS freediving training course.
  • If the holder of the Pass’Plongeur Libre enters the CMAS freediving training course, his experience acquired is taken into account for his further progress.


  • The Pass’Plongeur Libre allows you to carry out initiation and discovery sessions in freediving in space from 0 to 6 meters maximum. ▪ For children 8 and under, the maximum depth corresponds to the age divided by 2.
  • Freediving lessons are systematically supervised in the water by, at the very least, a CMAS Level 1 Freediving Initiator-Coach or an E2 CMAS in scuba diving, or any other superior level supervisor in freediving or scuba diving.


  • The Pass’Plongeur Libre is an ATP (Other Participation Title) and therefore does not require the issuance of a license or a prior medical certificate.
  • It is offered in federal clubs or Approved Commercial Structures (SCA) by CMAS.
  • Entry into the Pass’Plongeur Libre system is materialized by entering a declaration on the federal site directly by the federal club or the SCA.
  • As of this declaration and during the freediving exercises carried out in compliance with the present conditions of organization of the Pass'Plongeur Libre, the practitioner is insured in RC by the insurer of the federation within the framework of the general contract.
  • Following the completion of the sessions (up to 4 maximum), the club or the SCA validates the issue to the practitioner of a double-sided Pass'Plongeur Libre CMAS / Basic Outdoor Freediver CMAS card. This step completes the validity of the ATP.


For your reservation, a deposit is required to confirm your reservationThe balance at the start of your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.


Price 4,190,-THB per package

CMAS Freediving Training SCHOOL, padi and adip FOR ALL FREEDIVIDERS, Freediving discovery ATUS/CMAS

Offer(s) apnea, PRICE LIST

Special Rates Regular price Current Offer Deposit
Discovery of apnea Was 4,900 Now only THB 4,190 freediving discovery
Freediving Pool Was 11,900 Now only THB 9,990 Freediving Pool
Confirmed Pool Freediver Was 13,500 Now only THB 11,990 Confirmed Pool Freediver
ATUS/CMAS 1* apnea certificate Was 15,990 Now only THB 14,990 1* ATUS/CMAS freediving certificate
ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea certificate Was 17,900 Now only THB 16,990 ATUS/CMAS 2* Freediving Certificate
ATUS/CMAS 3* Freediving Certificate - 3 days Was 18,990 Now only THB 17,990 ATUS/CMAS 3* Freediving Certificate - 3 days
ATUS/CMAS 4* Freediving Certificate - 4 days Was 20,990 Now only THB 19,990 ATUS/CMAS 4* freediving certificate - 4 days
ATUS/CMAS 1* apnea Instructor certification Was 1,995 Now only 1,320.- € 1* ATUS/CMAS Apnea Instructor Certification
ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea Instructor certification Was 2,995 Now only 2,480.- € ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea Instructor certification
ATUS/CMAS 3* apnea Instructor certification Was 3,995 Now only 3,650.- € ATUS/CMAS 3* apnea Instructor certification
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