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3* ATUS/CMAS freediving certificate Apnea with ATUS/CMAS free diving 5* Dive Accademy Thailand Diving Pattaya

CMAS Freediving Training SCHOOL, padi and adip FOR ALL FREEDIVERS, 3* Free diving Certificate apnea with ATUS/CMAS

Pattaya offers an ideal environment for experienced divers to become a 1-star diving instructor in ideal conditions.

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ATUS/CMAS free diving 3* freediving certificate apnea with ATUS/CMAS free diving 5* Dive Accademy Thailand Diving Pattaya

Freediving Level 3 ATUS/CMAS– Pool, 3* CMAS Freediving Certificate apnea


  • This level allows you to acquire in-depth knowledge of certain aspects of sports apnea which is practiced in the pool or at depth. This course is intended for experienced freedivers who wish to prepare themselves for the competition or consolidate their experience.


  • - Minimum age: 18 years old;
 From “ no contraindication » to the practice of sports apnea;
 Medical in case of positive response(s) to the « no contraindication »;
 Have successfully completed the Freediving Level 2 CMAS course or equivalent.

Theoretical content (14h)

  • - Nutrition and physical preparation;
  • - Advanced Physiology (BO – LMC);
  • - National federations;
  • - Training structure;
  • - Advanced breathing and relaxation;
  • - Preparation for the competition;
  • - Physical preparation for apnea;
  • - Rescue and First Aid.

Practical content (12h)

  • - Optimization of techniques;
  • - Working specific muscle groups;
  • - Advanced compensation techniques;
  • - Individual work of a particular and chosen technique;
  • - Preparation for the test;
  • - Variable Weight Exercises;
  • - Rescue and First Aid;

Assessment method

  • - Écontinuous assessment (assiduity, evolution of the technique worked…);
  • - Theoretical exam of 20 questions minimum;
  • - Freediving tests:
  •  Static (STA);
  •  Dynamic (DYN);
  •  Depth (CWT, FIM and Catchweight);
  •  Éproof of rescue and towing, victim exit (pool/depth);
  •  Émonitoring evidence in swimming pool and depth.


For your reservation, a deposit is required to confirm your reservationThe balance at the start of your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.


Price 17,990.- baht per package

CMAS Freediving Training SCHOOL, padi and adip FOR ALL FREEDIVIDERS, Freediving Certificate 3* ATUS/CMAS

Offer(s) apnea, PRICE LIST

Special Rates Regular price Current Offer Deposit
Discovery of apnea Was 4,900 Now only THB 4,190 freediving discovery
Freediving Pool Was 11,900 Now only THB 9,990 Freediving Pool
Confirmed Pool Freediver Was 13,500 Now only THB 11,990 Confirmed Pool Freediver
ATUS/CMAS 1* apnea certificate Was 15,990 Now only THB 14,990 1* ATUS/CMAS freediving certificate
ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea certificate Was 17,900 Now only THB 16,990 ATUS/CMAS 2* Freediving Certificate
ATUS/CMAS 3* Freediving Certificate - 3 days Was 18,990 Now only THB 17,990 ATUS/CMAS 3* Freediving Certificate - 3 days
ATUS/CMAS 4* Freediving Certificate - 4 days Was 20,990 Now only THB 19,990 ATUS/CMAS 4* freediving certificate - 4 days
ATUS/CMAS 1* apnea Instructor certification Was 1,995 Now only 1,320.- € 1* ATUS/CMAS Apnea Instructor Certification
ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea Instructor certification Was 2,995 Now only 2,480.- € ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea Instructor certification
ATUS/CMAS 3* apnea Instructor certification Was 3,995 Now only 3,650.- € ATUS/CMAS 3* apnea Instructor certification
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