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The Pattaya wrecks

Pechburi Bremmen


Rating: Depth: 25m Visibility: 5-10m

The Petchburi Bremen, a 110-meter, it is a cargo plane severely damaged by a fire and an explosion in the engine room of the worm mid-1930.

Some cargo was saved and the boat was then scuttled. It sits right on a sandy bottom, the center section twisted and broken, not only by the explosion, but also by driving the demolition carried out by the Royal Thai Navy.

The Bremen is in three main parts. Advanced sections and severe are relatively intact, but the center is part of a tangle of steelwork.

But it is still an interesting place to dive. The part of the structure is separated from the rest. The private bathroom of the master. complete with bath, toilet and floor ceramic tiles very attractive, can be explored by experienced diver.

Enter the main sections of the hull is not recommended due to artificial damage and deterioration of steel over the years.

Nature has claimed the Bremen and many types of coral and sea whips growing on the sides and decks of the boat. Blue-ringed and six-banded angelfish, batfish, moray eels, rays, barracuda and many smaller fish live reef lives.

There is also a giant, but tipical, grouper, reported to be the size of a pickup truck which makes its home on the Bremen, and brought your camera or video with you.

Because of its position between two islands, strong currents may be encountered on the Bremen as well as considerable waves at certain times of the year. This dive is not for novices.


The Petchburi Bremen



Depth 22meters ;Suitable for air, nitrox, tecnical diving

petchburi bremen at anchor


Steamship: PETCHBURI

Specifications and Historical Records


  • Built at:- Georg Seebeck AG shipyard, Bremerhaven, Germany. Yard Number:- 173
  • Tonnage : 2191 gross tonnage Length : 88,5 m Breadth : 11,9 m Draught :7,3m
  • Engine : 3-times expansion-steam engine Power : 1150 Hp, Speed : 12,5 nm/h,  Crew : 34
  • 24.09.l901  : Launching under the name PETCHBURI for the company North German Lloyd in Bremen.
  • 28.10.1901 : Delivery to the North German Lloyd
  • August 1914 : At the beginning of World War I the PETCHBURI was interned in Bangkok.
  • 27.07.1917 : Confiscated by the Thais.
  • New name: KAEO SAMUD
  • 27.12.1920 : On a voyage from Bangkok to Swatow with rice on board she ran ashore near Koh Sichang (actually Koh Khraam. Ed) in the Gulf of Siam and sank.

Local Details of Sinking


The vessel sank after a fire and explosion in the engine room


Wreck Dive details:-

bremmen wreck

porthole on the bremen. march 2005diver on the bremen. march 2005solid brass & copper compass binnacle still lying on the bremen(one of two recovered). needed a bit of air in the bcd to lift. loads of brass everywhere in this compartmentc- the bridge?brass compass binnacle on board after the dive prior to restoration. very heavy. as big as a 14 inch tv set. glass still in place after 80 yearsa similar brass compass binnacle on a baltic sea wreckagain, a similar brass compass binnacle with two oil lamps next to the wheel from a baltic sea wreck


This wreck is partially broken up and lies on the sandy bottom at 24m, in an area of very strong currents, and subject to plenty of Thai Naval activity. 3 Large eagle rays patrol the dive site and are often seen resting on the sands. Bow and stern sections of this wreck are now separated by a large sand dune. Sometimes, attempts to dive this wreck have lead to dive boats being 'ushered off' by Thai patrol boats, or the un-buoyed wreck just not being found. Avoid this wreck on spring tides or on days with many Thai Naval vessels patrolling.


GPS Location


Current GPS WGS84 Position in Chong Khram Channel at E100'48.852" N12'40.092"

Bremen Pictures, info, GPS and historical research:- Steve Burton March 2005

Other German vessels seized by Thailand during WWI

  • CHIENGMAI           (1907) 1815grt -> DOEN SAMUD
  • DELI                (1900) 1394grt -> DEN SAMUD
  • KOHSICHANG          (1894) 2043grt -> SRI SAMUD
  • LANDRAT SCHEIFF     (1906) 1640GRT -> LAEN SAMUD
  • PATANI              (1907) 1819grt -> THONG SAMUD
  • PETCHABURI          (1901) 2191grt -> KAEO SAMUD
  • PITSANULOK          (1901) 2019grt -> PHAN SAMUD
  • SAMSEN              (1903) 1832grt -> DIN SAMUD
  • TRAUTENFELS         (1904) 4699grt -> YIAM SAMUD
  • BANG PAKONG         (1903) 455grt  -> HAN THALE  -> Thai Navy KUT
  • CHANTA BOON         (1908) 421grt  -> ????       -> private JAI JERNG KHA
  • MENAM               (1906) 464grt  -> THON THALE -> private TUNG ON
  • PATRIU              (1903) 455grt  -> LEU THALE  -> Thai Navy PHAI
  • TACHEEN             (1902) 400grt  -> CHEN THALE -> Thai Navy KRAM





Wreck Speciality course



  • Must be at least Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver
  • and have minimum 15 years

Price 380.- € The full course

The price included

  •   Dives
  •   Book
  •  Certification
  • Monitor
  •   Insurance
  •   Lunch
  •   Non-alcoholic beverages

The price not included

  • * Tips
  • * Extras expenses


You can subscribe by e-mail or by phone.

E-mail thank you for giving me:

- Your name and surname

- Your phone or GSM

Must be present at each class and participate in simulations.

If no, thank you prevent.

We sarrangera to catch up the lost session.

A written and practical exam is required to obtain a degree.

Candidates not having the examination will not be certified.

During the sessions, you can take notes, ask questions and interrupt the course if you do not understand.

Do not be afraid, you're there to learn at your own pace and most importantly stress free.

You will receive a manual to study at home safely and review techniques.

For your reservation:

50% deposit to confirm your reservation

The remaining starting your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.



Special wreck certification speciality






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