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koh Tao

Koh Tao Thailand

- A Beautiful Island Paradise For All Ages & Interests!

Koh Nang Yuan - Koh Tao






Koh Tao is a small 21km2 island in the Gulf of Thailand.  Initially a Diving destination for backpackers, the island has developed into a paradise accommodating all types of travelers with all types of budgets.   Scuba Diving still remains the most popular activity on Koh Tao, however many more leisure options have sprouted up, and you can find travelers enjoying activities both in and out of the pristine waters surrounding the Island.


Despite the growing number of activities on the island, diving courses and adventure dives remain the popular culture on Koh Tao. Nearly 40 dive shops spread over different beaches offer PADI and SSI certifications to newcomers every day.  Each shop on Koh Tao has its own unique style based on language specialties, group sizes, the type of equipment, or luxury service.  Whether you want to be part of a larger more social diving group, or have more one-on-one attention, Koh Tao is a great place to learn and accommodate all of your diving needs.

Sairee beach - Koh Tao Thailand


If diving is not your thing, you will find many other ways to enjoy the island. Koh Tao has a growing community of yoga studios, muay thai training centers, exercise gyms, and healthy conscious restaurants and snacks to nourish the body and mind. Over the last 5 years more and more families have been making the journey to Koh Tao changing the island to a family friendly destination.  Solo travellers, couples and families alike can participate in activities such as the mini golf, high flying trapeze lessons, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and boat trips to the various beautiful beaches around the island.  Children as young as 8 years old can begin learning how to dive with an experienced instructor, and for those who are coming for a longer stay, a playschool and nanny services can be arranged.


Once on Koh Tao you will immediately see the endless options of restaurants offering local, international, and gourmet foods.  Bars line the waterfront, and a drink at sunset on Sairee Beach is a holiday must.  As well, the development of resorts and villas has accelerated, truly offering a place for everyone.  Accommodation on Koh Tao ranges from basic budget dorms, to high-end luxury resorts and villas.  Resorts and guest houses are spread out all over the island, from beach front properties to mountain spots overlooking the ocean.  Several private villas can also be rented ahead of time for a truly unique experience.  No matter what your budget or desire, Koh Tao Thailand is surely going to leave you coming back for more.  

diving bar koh tao  diving center koh tao


restaurant dive shop koh tao  restaurant dive shop koh tao

Beach Bar

beach party koh tao

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All included

 •       Welcome drink in airport

•       Transfert to Koh Tao with fly

•      6 days / 5 night

  • Diving

•       Food on board

•      Soft drink on board

•       Taxis

•     Instructor

•       Fun

•       And much more…..


Not include on price:

   Personnal tips

•   Equipment

•   Lunch in Phuket

•   The  alcool drink

•   Insurance

•   Your personnal night pack with cheese, pork meat products, aperitif or other for your long night party on the boat


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Not include on price:

  • Personnal tips

•   Equipment

•   Lunch in Phuket

•   The  alcool drink

•   Insurance


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