Mergui islands

Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights

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Black Rock

Burma diving cruise for 7 days 6 nights

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Undiscovered Mergui Archipelago

Burma diving cruise for 8 days 7 nights

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Burma diving cruise of 7 days and 6 nights : up to Black Rock

Burma diving liveaboard to Black Rock in a week




A diving cruise in the islands of the Mergui archipelago, in Burma, will make you discover a region still unexplored by divers.

Attached to the Tanintharyi region, these some 800 islands dot the Andaman Sea, in the extreme south of Burma and off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. As the local word for Malaysians is “pashu,” the islands are sometimes referred to as Pashu Islands.

A diving cruise in Burma is an unparalleled opportunity to explore pristine reefs, populated with spectacular life, aboard yachts and vessels dedicated to diving.

Imagine yourself sailing, diving and admiring the sumptuous scenery offered by these islands ...

Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights : Explore the Mergui islands Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights : Explore the Mergui islands


It is not only the magnificent terrestrial and underwater panoramas that make the archipelago such a fascinating destination.

A diving safari in the Mergui archipelago will take you to meet the Moken people.

Also called nomads of the sea, ’this ethnic minority is one of the most unique in Burma.

This nomadic people live on the water, in a traditional way.

Their fishing and boat building techniques have been the same for centuries.

Evolving on the water for a long time, they have tamed this element and are extraordinary freedivers, able to accommodate their sight underwater and to hold their breath for a very long time.

They live on their boats during the dry season, and on land during the rainy season. Their mythology says that the islands were detached from the mainland by a huge flood ...


In 1997, the region opened up to foreign tourists, after lengthy negotiations between the Burmese government and Thailand's diving cruise operators.

This still discreet and uncrowded destination will not remain so for long: do not wait to leave!

He Mergui Archipelago is a real paradise for divers.

Compared to those in neighboring Thailand, the sites of the Mergui Islands are pristine, and there is little chance that you will come across another dive boat during your stay.





All divers know it: the smallest things are often the most fascinating.

The diversity you will encounter beneath the surface of the Mergui Archipelago is breathtaking.

Sharks, of course, but also shrimps, crabs and other crustaceans of all shapes and colors imaginable, accompanied by toad fish, pharaoh cuttlefish, and ghost fish, living in harmony in the incomparable setting of Burmese waters!


Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights : Explore the Mergui islands


Can you spot ribbon morays, pipefish and other sponge crabs, to name just a few?


Every dive is a chance for a new discovery, and many compare the quality of macro diving in Burma to that in Indonesia.

With all these paradisiacal islands to explore, the map of dive sites is endless, each more extraordinary than the next.

A diving cruise in the Mergui Archipelago is the best, if not the only, option to discover this pristine region of the world.

Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights : Explore the Mergui islands




One of Southeast Asia's most famous diving areas are the huge Burma Banks, which includes Silvertip, Rainbow, Roe, Coral and Heckford Banks.

These dive sites are found on the western part of the Archipelago, where the continental plate plunges down to the ocean floor.

Open water dives in this region provide experienced divers with thrills and the virtual guarantee of seeing sharks.

More than 150 km north of Kawthaung is Black Rock, often a favorite with divers who visit the archipelago aboard a cruise ship: its steep rocky drop offs attract a lot of marine life.

You will notably encounter black tip and white tip sharks, as well as manta rays and stingrays.


One of the most memorable sites on your cruise will undoubtedly be Western Rocky.

The island itself is small, and you can walk through it through a tunnel that barely penetrates daylight.

This is also the time when your diving cruise in Myanmar will allow you to approach 3m nurse sharks, and observe other species of sharks, including the largest of all: the whale shark! Without forgetting guitar rays, harlequin shrimps, toad fish and seahorses, while the drop offs covered with encrusting anemones provide shelter for crabs and lobsters.

The four remote islands are worth a dive on their own.

Their walls are covered with colorful bivalves and sponges, while the surroundings, barracudas and cuttlefish go about their business.

When planning your itinerary, do not miss the night dive on the southern drop off of the island: the red and orange corals blaze spectacularly under the beam of lamps!

Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights : Explore the Mergui islands




Are you looking for a world class diving destination without the crowds?

Burma diving cruise might just be the perfect option. There, you will find yourself at the border of a still unexplored world, about to embark on the adventure of a cruise like only Burma can offer.


We rather encourage medium to experienced divers than beginners to dive on the Mergui Archipelago because the surface conditions can be rough, and the current quite strong.

Visibility can reach 50 m and the waters of the Andaman Sea have a temperature varying from 25 to 28 ° C.


In short, excellent diving conditions!

Burma cruises usually start from Ranong, Thailand, and the cruise operator will take care of all the formalities to stay in Burma.


Introducing the brand new MV Smiling Seahorse: Myanmar's best diving liveaboard!



The MV Smiling seahorse took its maiden voyage in November 2018. We broke the mold choosing to build a specialized boat designed by and for divers instead of converting a fishing vessel as is very common in this region. Its Steel hull is much more suited to easily cut through waves than a wooden hull and its 2 superior engines allow the MV Smiling Seahorse to venture further into the unknown. Although the boat is larger than its predecessor, measuring 25m long and 6.4m wide, its 8 cabins and bathrooms spread over 4 decks still cater to a maximum of 16 guests. More space for the same number of people definitely ups the ante of comfort and freedom during your cruise.


Burma diving cruise for 6 days 5 nights : Explore the Mergui islands


"Hello Captain! "


At the front of the standard cabins is also where you'll find the bridge. Feel free to go say hello to our friendly captain and two mechanics they will be happy to show you our many navigation tools and safety features.


Hello Captain!


Standard cabin - with shared bathroom


​Towards the front of the boat on this deck are the standard cabins and the living quarters for the dive staff. Every door opens to a stunning view of the nature surrounding you and there is also a window that you can watch the waves roll by from the comfort of your bed. These cabins all are air-conditioned with shared bathrooms and feature our smart-bedding system. To best cater to the needs of the occupants, we have designed the rooms to be able to be configured in two ways upon request. Couples staying in this room can have a double bed and an upper shelf to store luggage or it can be switched to have two single bunk beds more suited for solo travelers or friends sharing a room. To keep things organized we also have two large cubbies to tuck your belongings away out of sight.

Standard cabin - with shared bathroom Standard cabin - with shared bathroom


Cabine "Deluxe" with private bathroom ...

The deluxe cabins are identical to the standard cabin with the only difference being the addition of an ensuite private bathroom. These rooms also feature the smart bedding system to convert the room on demand.


Master cabin private bathroom and panoramic view ... Master cabin private bathroom and panoramic view ...Master cabin private bathroom and panoramic view ... Master cabin private bathroom and panoramic view ...



Cabine ​"Master" private bathroom and panoramic view ...


The two master cabins are located right at the front of the boat with windows facing forward to offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the route ahead. These rooms are ideal for couples looking for a bit more of an intimate romantic setting.

Deluxe cabin with private bathroom ... Deluxe cabin with private bathroom ...

Deluxe cabin with private bathroom ...


The heart of the boat is also located on this deck where our talented chef with fill the air with mouthwatering aromas of local and international cuisines 4 times a day. Inform us in advance of any allergies or dietary restrictions and we will be happy to provide to your needs.
Alongside the chef, the crew of the MV Smiling Seahorse is second to none. Our large team of specialized workers take care of everything you need on the frontlines and behind the scenes during your stay. The ratio of guest to staff is close to 1:1 on our boat to ensure that no necessity is left forgotten and its always taken care of with a smile!


Security equipment on MV Smiling Seahorse board

Where fish and fun are important on your cruise, safety and security are paramount on the MV Smiling Seahorse. The boat is equipped with radar, sonar, GPS, VHF/DSC/SSB radio, and a location beacon for precision navigation.
There are also safety features including a lifeboat, life vests, GSM and CDMA phones, fire alarm, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency oxygen, and trained oxygen and first aide providers.
We have even installed video surveillance in the engine room to stay on top of the proper functioning of the underbelly of the ship.




   - Open air design (all cabins can have fresh sea breeze)
    - Audio & Visual entertainment
    - Supervised charging stations
    - Fish ID / marine biology Library
​   - Dedicated local & international crew
    - Nearly 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio
    - Sun deck and shaded areas
    - Outdoor dining
​   - Confortable lounge zone

- Non-smoking cabins
- Air-con available in all cabins 
- En-suite bathrooms (for Deluxe and Master)
- Hot water showers (for all)
- Seaview cabins (for all)
- Budget friendly cruise 
- Available for charter 
- Non-diver (snorkeler) friendly
​- Kayak on board free of charge


   - Camera station with separate rinsing tank and storage
    - Nitrox available (percentage adapted to the dive site)
    - DIN adaptors (and inserts)
    - Shaded dive deck ​
    - Experienced professional dive guides
​   - Small dive groups (4 max per guide)
- Equipment and computer rental (optional)
PADI Courses and specialties available
​- Tenders: no need to find the boat, we will come get you
- Sidemount and Tech divers friendly
- Certified Mares service technician onboard
- Staff perfectly trained to handle fragile equipment


   - Western and Thai food (all delicious)
    ​- 4 meals per day ​(Bf, lunch, snack and dinner)
    - Vegetarian and any special diet catered for
    - Unlimited soft drinks and electrolytes included
    - Bar with beer and wine available for purchase
    - Snacks, fruits and refreshments available 24hrs
​   - BBQ night on every cruise 




Tarifs and Booking, Cruise 7 days 6 night

Tarifs, Booking and Enquire

Tarifs, Booking and Enquire

7 days/6 nights, 21 dives  
Price Diver 2020-2021
THB 57,000 in Standard cabin
THB 60,000 in Deluxe cabin
THB 63,000 in Master cabin


Special Offer, Stay of 8 days / 7 nights All Inclusive

Special Offer, Stay of 8 days / 7 nights All Inclusive

Special Offer, Stay of 9 days / 8 nights All Inclusive

Burma diving cruise of 7 days and 6 nights : up to Black Rock

From 101.750 BATHS per person

For more information, click here:

Special Offer, Stay  All Inclusive

Special Offer, Stay  All Inclusive




DAY 1: WELCOME at Bangkok airport or others (on request)


  • Transfer to Ranong Airport by plane
    Taxi transfer to Ranong
    Installation at the hotel
    Welcome drink
    Free dinner
    Free evening


Itinerary of our dive cruise:​​
  • Day2: 
  • .
  • Meeting at our dive center headquarters between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Here we will take care of rental equipment fitting for those who require it and dot the i’s and cross the t’s before departure. At 2:00pm we will head to the immigration office to get the necessary exit stamps from Thailand and then make our way to board the magnificent MV Smiling Seahorse. Upon crossing the border into Myanmar, immigration officers will board in Kawthaung and do the necessary border crossing screening. Once the paperwork is completed, we will head out to sea! At sunset we will hold a ceremony to launch our voyage. Then it will be time for your first scrumptious meal before being rocked to sleep by the waves.​
  • .

Day 3: 


KNOCK KNOCK, Dive briefing! Wake up to the friendly call of the ocean (and your eager dive guide) as we start the cruise with a day at South Twin Island. Sitting in the outskirts of the Mergui Archipelago, this dive site is quite scenic with consistent crystal visibility and a topography of huge granite boulders. We have even been lucky enough the start the voyage off in style with a guest appearance from a majestic manta ray. Macro lovers will also be treated to chances of ghost pipefish, seahorses and frogfish! We end the first day of diving with a night dive searching for pygmy squid, candy crabs, cowries and nudibranchs!


  • Day 4: 
  • .
  • We will explore 3 dive sites around Shark Cave. Things to see in this area include Ghost Pipefish, Harlequin Shrimps, Frogfish, Seahorse and gorgeous coral everywhere. And if you’re extra lucky you may even catch a glimpse of a Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark and big blotched Stingray. Between dives 2 and 3, we invite you to get some sand between your toes on your surface interval on the pristine beach of the nearby island.
  • For night dive, we will give you the option to dive your favourite of the 3 sites you saw on Shark cave’s dives. Keep an eye out for a plethora of crustaceans and other macro life. We often see the undulating Spanish dancer nudibranch here.  ​
  • .
  • Day 5: 
  • .
  • After a night of crossing, we will reach Black Rock, a small rock out in open sea. Here we are hoping for the big stuff like Sharks and Rays and whatever is passing… This is the place to go for "Manta Festival" with Manta rays coming in dozens from everywhere (no guarantee of course, but they are pretty common). The conditions this far in the open sea are a bit more challenging and currents make it a different style of diving to other areas of Mergui. This is probably the best dive site in Myanmar and is still seldom visited by divers.
  • .
  • Day 6:  
  • .
  • On this day we will reach our furthest point in the Mergui Archipelago at North Twin. It should be an exciting day as this dive site will offer the best visibility of the trip and the best chance to see large pelagic marine creatures like manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks and zebra sharks. Coral lovers will be in awe of the massive sea fans here as well. ​ ​


  • Day 7: 
  • .
  • On this fifth day of the cruise we will visit the neighbourhood of Western Rocky. The first dive will be at the nearby Seafan Forest which is carpeted in massive colourful sea fans (surprise!) and lush purple soft corals. This magical site has graced us with up to 4 whale sharks at once, so depending on our luck we can choose to stay here or move to the center of the Western rocky region. The main island has a glorious swim through full of lobsters that passes from one side of the island to the other. The sandy bottom surrounding it gives rise to a collection of islets and secret pinnacles that are home to a multitude of macro critters as well as vibrant coral and several types of sharks including the rare Bowmouth guitarfish.


Day 8: The last dive goes into a volcano where a group of Black Tip Sharks likes to hang around. It is also a site rich in macro life where the question is not if you will see a seahorse, the question is how many? Up to 10 per dive if you have good eyes as well as rare species such as shaded Batfish, Comet Long Fins or Pineapple Fish. 


After the last dive we will head back toward Kawthoung where there will be opportunity to explore the market or enjoy the Smiling Seahorse's hospitality with a beer in the local pub. Once we got our passports back from the Burmese authorities, we will sail back to Thailand where we get a new visa stamp.   (30 days for G8 countries passport holders, 14 days for the others getting visa on arrival)


DAY 9: transfer to Bangkok airport or others (on request)


  • Free breakfast
    Taxi transfer to Ranong airport
    Transfer by plane to Bangkok or others (on request)
    End of our services



The price includes

    priceAll that is tell the program
    pricein Private Service
    priceThe transfer plane Bangkok/ Ranong a/r
    priceTaxi transfers Ranong a/r
    priceAdmissions fee to National Parks
    price2 nights HOTEL
    priceFull accommodation and board  (Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon bites, Dinner) 
    priceAll soft drinks, drinking water, filter coffee & tea
    priceFresh fruits, yoghurt & snacks 
    price12 Liter Alum. Cylinders, Weights & Weight Belt 
    price21 Dives during the Trip (7 Days/6 Nights) 
    priceTowel, shower gel
    priceSea kayak and hammock 
    priceThe welcome drink
    priceA monitor
    priceThe fun
    priceAnd more .... more



The price does not include

  • priceTransfer from another airport
  • priceBurmese entry and diving Fees 230 USD / Pers 
    not includepersonal tips
    not includemiscellaneous expenses
    not includeHotels outside the program
    not includemeals out programs
    not includeinsurance
    not includeThe diving equipment
    not includealcoholic beverages



  • Yes50% deposit to confirm your reservation
  • YesThe balance 30 days before the date of the trip.
  • YesAny deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.



From 101.750 BATHS per person

For more information, click here:

Special Offer, Stay  All Inclusive

Special Offer, Stay  All Inclusive





Price List







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