The Hardeep was sunk by Allied bombers during World War II.

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Koh Chang

This is for me a great opportunity to meet many people

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Koh Tao

I'm relaxed all day and I'm wearing sandals

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Fish, whale sharks, manta rays, nemo .... well .... what a dream ...

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Koh Phiphi

The advantage is that I'm doing something I love

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Koh Lipe

We offer the best 18 dives 3 marine parks Koh Tarutao, Our trip covers more than 100 nautical miles from Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi.

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Wreck in pattaya

HTMS Khram Ship Wreck-

HTMS Khrrm  was cast for the salvation of the environment. Artificial reef.

The HTMS Kram a boat of the Second World War by dimension which was sunk ready Koh Phai, Pattaya, Thailand for the needs of a man who has done the reef for divers and enthusiasts. The Khram was sunk just 300 meters off the coast of Bamboo Island (Koh Phai) training on 30 January 2003 the first underwater park in Thailand conservation of this type. There are many marine national parks in Thailand, but none with a WWII ship The ship of aging, acquired by the Thai Navy in 1962, saw the last light of day from a naval ceremonies as he slowly sank under the water.

Pattaya City officials and the Navy have worked closely on the project for General Chavalit Yongchaiyuth, Minister of Defence signed documents approving the collapse of the ship nearly a year ago, on 26 February 2002. On 30 January 2003 the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) and Pattaya City management began to organize the ceremony flowing for HM Krarm. It is designated place rep

        htms khram in pattaya                

The shipwreck sites in Pattaya are great for training. Perfect for safe and easy penetration, advanced penetration and just a relaxing trip.

htms khram in pattaya

"The Royal Thai Navy backup patrols of the area by boat from the used to ensure that it remains a safe haven for marine life in Thailand," said Vice Admiral.

HM Khram that was received from Seattle, Washington in the USA under a project naval assistance and arrived in Thailand September 11, 1962. The ship is classified as a landing ship medium, 61.5 meters long, 10.35 meters wide.

The ship was active in World War II before arriving in Thailand. The aging vessel became increasingly non-seaworthy and the rising cost of constant repairs prompted the decision by the Ministry of Defense to put the ship to rest for the benefit of the environment and Diving sinking in Pattaya.

The ship of war now lying on the bottom of the sea, 300 meters on Bamboo Island in latitude 12 degrees 55 minutes north (of the equator) and longitude (Greenwich) 26 seconds 41 minutes 100 degrees.

Above, the computer graphics product gives a very good representation of the way the accident Kram put at the bottom of the ocean 30 meters. The Pattaya Khram allowed to remain as the most diverse underwater diver who form the land in Thailand. We have so much diversity of dive sites in Pattaya and now with this shipwreck to the possibilities of penetration. The wreck can be penetrated in many areas and can be made safe for divers activities before the collapse in 2003.

Kram The wreck diving in Pattaya is much more interesting but is also the site of many scuba divers internal specialties here learn them. As in the semi-deep waters that is perfect example for training as diving with Nitrox. All in all - we are very lucky to have this new and beautiful boat near Pattaya, Thailand.

THAI NAVY VESSEL 732 (Former USS LSM-469)  


Depth 28meters ; suitable for air, nitrox, technical diving

htms khram in pattaya

Computer generated image courtesy of Mr Alex Beuchel, Used with permission

htms khram in pattaya

htms khram in pattayahtms khram in pattaya

htms khram in pattayahtms khram in pattaya
htms khram in pattayahtms khram in pattaya

htms khram in pattayahtms khram in pattaya

For information on the History and Construction of USS LSM-469 follow this link

For information on Other ships in the Thai Navy follow this link.

Ships Plans for penetration diving use


htms khram in pattaya

Detailed Shipyard Construction Plans

map of htms kood in pattaya


During and after the Second World War, many warships and cargo sank in Thai waters. These wrecks are now away from the coast at depths of 50-75 meters. Virtually unexplored wrecks these sites offer world class wrecks for divers with the proper training. Everything remains to be discovered on board (engine rooms, telegraphs, windows, ...)

wreck speciality course

Speciality wreck course

Starting between 8:00 and 9:00

time for go between 1:30 and 45 minutes

first dive


2nd dive

Return between 15:00 and 17:00



Drive from the hotel to the pier






No-alcoholic beverages


Prices in court on the day of printing.

Prices subject vatriation the next court day.

(date: 1 euro = 40 Baths)


  • Minimum requirement for this course a 1st level scuba certification
  • The day begins with a minimum of 1 participants

Price 80 -. € fun day diving or wreck

The price included

  • all equipment
  • Instructor
  • lunch
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • insurance
  • and fun ...

The price not included

  • * Tips
  • * Extras expenses


You can subscribe by e-mail or by phone.

E-mail thank you for giving me:

- Your name and surname

- Your phone or GSM

Must be present at each class and participate in simulations.

If no, thank you prevent.

We sarrangera to catch up the lost session.

A written and practical exam is required to obtain a degree.

Candidates not having the examination will not be certified.

During the sessions, you can take notes, ask questions and interrupt the course if you do not understand.

Do not be afraid, you're there to learn at your own pace and most importantly stress free.

You will receive a manual to study at home safely and review techniques.


For your reservation:

50% deposit to confirm your reservation

The remaining starting your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.


Price List




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