Special wreck certification speciality

During and after the Second World War, many warships and cargo sank in Thai waters. These wrecks are now away from the coast at depths of 50-75 meters. Virtually unexplored wrecks these sites offer world class wrecks for divers with the proper training. Everything remains to be discovered on board (engine rooms, telegraphs, windows, ...)

Special wreck certification speciality

Want to explore sunken ships and wrecks, lost treasures at the bottom of the water? So the lesson of wreck diving is exactly what you are looking for. For this training must be at least Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver and have minimum 15 years.

In your course of wreck diving, you make four dives, which will take place on at least two days. You will put into practice the information provided by your instructor or contained in the video and manual Wreck Diving.

Topics covered include:

  • Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of wreck diving.
  • The preparation and use of lighting, additional sources of air, special equipment, ropes during penetration and reels.
  • Diving techniques with reduced visibility and emergency procedures.

Wreck diving in the Adventures in Diving program may, at the discretion of your instructor, be used for this specialty training.

Spend today in a center or resort near you and register in Wreck Diving: you'll be on your way to the treasures that are hidden under the surface!

* The penetration to the interior of a wreck dive training is limited to the area of ​​light and a maximum distance of 40 meters from the surface, adding the vertical and horizontal distance. If the wreck lies in more than 18 meters deep, the patent deep diving is highly recommended before the formation of wreck diving.

Wreck Speciality course


  • Must be at least Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver
  • and have minimum 15 years

Price 380.- € The full course

The price included

  • ü  Dives
  • ü  Book
  • ü Certification
  • ü  Monitor
  • ü  Insurance
  • ü  Lunch
  • ü  Non-alcoholic beverages

The price not included

  • * Tips
  • * Extras expenses


You can subscribe by e-mail or by phone.

E-mail thank you for giving me:

- Your name and surname

- Your phone or GSM

Must be present at each class and participate in simulations.

If no, thank you prevent.

We sarrangera to catch up the lost session.

A written and practical exam is required to obtain a degree.

Candidates not having the examination will not be certified.

During the sessions, you can take notes, ask questions and interrupt the course if you do not understand.

Do not be afraid, you're there to learn at your own pace and most importantly stress free.

You will receive a manual to study at home safely and review techniques.

For your reservation:

50% deposit to confirm your reservation

The remaining starting your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.