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License CMAS



The three star diver is a fully trained, experienced and responsible diver who is considered competent to lead other

divers of any grade in open water.

The course must be conducted by qualified instructors and supervised by an instructor of at least two star grade. The

course will require the availability of suitable open water diving sites, together with some specialised facilities.

The dive experience element of the qualification will require the diver to accumulate a broad range of experience under

varying conditions and varying depths.


D* CMAS or same level


: 5-6 lessons

Dives and exercices :

10 lessons

Special module

spécial « fins, masque, snorkel »

spécial « décompression dive »


  • * Diver 3*CMAS
  • * minimum 50 dives
  • * The course starts with a minimum of 1 participants

Price 480.- 

The price incluse* Theoretical courses* Theoretical courses

  • * Swiming pool session
  • * open water dive session

The price not incluse

  • * Educational materials (books, dive table, log book, etc.).
  • * Issuing an international card


For your reservation:

50% deposit to confirm your reservation

The remaining starting your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.



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