Koh Rhin or Koh Rin

  • Koh Rhine has three dive sites. Ton Hin May is also known as a South Roc very popular dive site with lots of fish very varied with lots of eels of Murenes and Barracuda. There are many hard and soft corals, and a very good life such as nudibranchs. This site has coral up to 6 meters.
  • koh rhin pattaya map
  • Khao Hin is also known as Northern Rock, it is like the Rock South but with alot of sharks and eels. This is a great site to see more great nudibranchs, pipefish, razorfish and others who like to hide away. The site has up to 14 meters deep.
  • * Koh Rin Bay. This site, unlike the two rocks carefully MENTIONED part of the main island of Koh Rhine. Although this site only goes down to a maximum depth of 12 meters and is conssequent a relaxing dive.
  • Koh Rhin Pattaya