đŸ€ż#HTMS Khram with 5* Dive Academy Thailand Diving Pattaya

đŸ€ż#HTMS Khram with 5* Dive Academy Thailand Diving Pattaya

đŸ€ż#HTMS Khram with 5* Dive Academy Thailand Diving Pattaya
đŸ€ż#HTMS Khram with 5* Dive Academy Thailand Diving Pattaya

đŸ€ż#HTMS Khram with 5* Dive Academy Thailand Diving Pattaya


đŸ€ż#HTMS Khram with 5* Dive Academy Thailand Diving Pattaya

HTMS Khram Pattaya Thailand


THAI NAVY SHIP 732 (former USS LSM-469), Written by Stephen Burton.

HM Khram was sunk for the sake of the environment.

Artificial reef.

Depth 28 meters, suitable for air, nitrox and technical diving.

Thai Navy Ship 732 with open hull sinking through the stern

Vice Admiral Somjai Wattanayothin, Chief of Staff of the Royal Fleet at Satahip Naval Base, said the dismantling of H.T.M.S KHRAM was a Navy project to mark the 50th birthday of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.

The United States donated this ship (former USS LSM-469) renamed HTMS KHRAM to the Thai Navy on May 25, 1962. The ship, now dilapidated beyond repair, has been in use for over 60 years. It now lies about 300 meters off the coast of Bamboo Island (Koh Phai) on January 30, 2003 forms Thailand’s first underwater conservation park of its type.

There are many marine national parks in Thailand but none with a World War II ship, the aging vessel, acquired by the Thai Navy in 1962, saw the last light of day amid naval ceremonies when it slowly sank under water.

The HTMS Kram, a mid-size WWII boat that was sunk near Koh Phai, Pattaya, Thailand to create a reef for divers and enthusiasts.

Pattaya City and Navy officials have worked diligently on the project since General Chavalit Yongchaiyuth; The Minister of Defense signed the documents which approved the sinking of the ship almost a year ago, on February 26, 2002. On January 30, 2003 the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) and Pattaya City management began to organize the flowing ceremony for HM Krarm. It is designated place du rep

« The Royal Thai Navy safeguards the area by regular boat patrols to ensure that there remains a safe haven for marine life in Thailand » said the vice admiral.

The HM Khram was received from Seattle, Washington in the United States under a naval assistance project and arrived in Thailand on September 11, 1962. The vessel is classified as a medium-sized landing craft; 61.5 meters long, 10.35 meters wide.

The boat was active in World War II before arriving in Thailand. The aging vessel became increasingly unseaworthy and the increasing cost of constant repair prompted the decision by the Department of Defense to lay the vessel to rest for the benefit of the environment and scuba diving. shipwreck in Pattaya.

The warship now lies on the seabed, 300 meters on Bamboo Island at latitude 12 degrees 55 minutes north (of the equator) and longitude east (of Greenwich) 26 seconds 41 minutes of 100 degrees.

The dive site is marked with 2 buoys at each end of the wreck.


Diving into HTML KHRAM…

  • Depth to the top of the wreck 15m,
  • Depth on the seabed = 30m,
  • visibility 5-15m,
  • The best choice of gas is Nitrox 38

This vessel has been well prepared by the Thai Navy as a dive site and is free of armaments, oil and most divers hazards. Large holes have been dug in many areas and penetration dives through ship passages rarely take the diver away from natural light. Care should be taken with some of the rooms, as large steel watertight doors are always installed in the ammo storage rooms and can be closed and locked easily by a diver inside.


The Bridge/Radio Room

This is the highest are of the wreckage. It is possible to stand on the bridge at 15m depth. All glass has been removed from the windows (unfortunately the portholes are gone too, sigh!) telegraph, steering mechanism, and all bits that can be used as spares are gone. Entry to the bridge area is simple and safe. A few new divers will likely have certification cards presented to them in this room.


Bridge area and side passages

The ship was designed to transport tanks, troops, and equipment to a beachhead, so the center of the ship is a large flat area with built-up sides. There are several entry points in the well-lit side corridors, do not lift the silt while crossing there or a full silt will occur.


Engine room

Located at the rear, entered through a large access hole in the middle of the loading deck. Again lots of natural light in this area (unlike most engine rooms) The two main engines were



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